How to Vote Bigg Boss 5 Telugu In Hotstar?

How to Vote Bigg Boss 5 Telugu In Hotstar ? Big Boss 5 Telugu main interesting and crux part lies in voting. You can vote directly through Hotstar App easily. Here we will explain you all the methods and process of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu voting through Hotstar.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Voting through Hotstar

How to Vote Bigg Boss 5 Telugu In Hotstar

  1. Download Disney Hotstar App from Playstore or Click Here
  2. Register your account on Hotstar app with your mobile number, facebook account or email id.
  3. You no need to Subscribe for Voting
  4. Go to search bar and Type Bigg Boss 5 Telugu
  5. Bigg Boss 5 Telugu banner with Logo will appear. Click on the banner.
  6. Below of the banner you can see voting bar. Clock on the voting button on the voting bar.
  7. Just after clicking Nominated Contestants Pics will appear on the page.
  8. Click on your favourite contestant. One click counts one vote.
  9. You’ll have total of 10 votes perday. You can give all the votes to one person or you can split. 
  10. After completion of Ten clicks or Ten votes you can’t vote further. You can vote again only on the next day
  11. Voting will be open from Monday to Friday Midnight 12.00

Note: You no need to Subscribe Hotstar App for Voting. You can cast you vote just by downloading Hotstar App and clicking on your favourite Contestant. You can also watch the Previous Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode for free on Hotstar. 

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